Basel III – The Final Countdown - Plus Free RC-R Tool

BASEL III Webinar Documents

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The Basel III effective date is just around the corner. The new rules and related transition provisions are complex in broadly applicable areas (such as deferred tax assets and servicing assets) in ways that many bankers do not currently appreciate or understand.
Webinar will include:
  • This Basel III webinar includes a brief overview of the main provisions, but was developed mainly to provide detailed and practical guidance on how to correctly prepare your first Schedule RC-R under the Basel III. Such guidance is based largely on the actual forms and related instructions, an overview of which is included in the webinar.
  • Participants will also be provided a copy of an Excel template which will perform all the necessary adjustment and transition calculations required in RC-R Part I based on a minimal level of inputs.
  • In addition to making the preparation of RC-R Part I much easier, this template also maximizes capital ratios by taking advantage of certain deferred tax allocation conventions that are not disallowed under the current rules. Preparation of new RC-R Part I without the use of such a template will be difficult for most call report preparers and could result in understated capital ratios due to a lack of understanding of the complex deferred tax allocation rules. A preview of this template is included in the webinar.
  • Presenting on this topic is Kent Fisher, partner in the regional CPA firm of Vavrinek, Trine Day & Co. LLP ("VTD"). Kent has over 30 years of public accounting service to the community banking industry and has been a Basel III subject matter expert since it was first introduced in 2012. VTD has a large community bank practice concentrated in California and Kent is located in the Laguna Hills CA office.
Webinar Details
Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM PDT
Duration: One Hour
Fee: No Charge

Jeffrey A. Rigsby, President & CEO, CB Resource, Inc.

Kent Fisher, Partner, Vavrinek, Trine Day & Co. LLP

Who Should Attend
Community bank directors and senior executives (CEO, President, CFO, COO, CCO, CRO, Compliance Officer).
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