CB ERM Policy, Risk Appetite, and Risk Profile™

CB ERM Policy, Risk Appetite, and Risk Profile™ is the perfect solution for the community bank that wants to kick off its ERM implementation process in a relatively short time frame with significant and satisfying results.  It is also beneficial for those banks that have implemented an ERM process, but may want to drill down in a comprehensive and “top down” manner.  This solution includes everything you need to establish your ERM policy, define and develop your “Risk Appetite” (Risk Tolerances), “Risk Statements”, and conduct a comprehensive risk assessment designed to generate a well-documented “Risk Profile”. This product is designed to:

  • Establish ERM policy, committee structures and process.
  • Help boards and management determine and articulate how much risk the bank should take in pursuit of profits and shareholder value.
  • Help boards and management determine the extent of their bank's accepted risks and that they are in line with its strategic & capital objectives.
  • Provides a means to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment resulting in detailed risk profile and assessment.
  • Provides the foundation to a fully-implemented ERM process 

Key Features

  1. Report Template: Pre-Formatted Integrated Report – ERM Governance & Policy  ● Risk Appetite & Statements ● Risk Profile Summary & Analysis (Framework structure is customizable – supports both FRB Risk Matrix and OCC Risk Assessment System – RAS) ● Integrates Existing Risk Assessment Data (Stress Testing and Risk Models)
  2. CB Risk Appetite Assessment and Report™: The risk appetite assessment is an online web-based assessment suitable for both management and the Board’s participation.
  3. Models: Risk Appetite Model ● Risk Profile Model ● ERM Model ● Strategic Planning Model (Aligned with OCC Risk Model and FRB Risk Matrix)
  4. Key Risks Trends Analysis: CB ERM Quarterly Reports and Analysis™ ● Economic & Target Market Analysis
  5. An Implementation Guide: Risk Appetite Workbook ● Process Instructions ● Assessment Instructions
  6. Board Presentation: A complete PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the content of the ERM Policy, Risk Appetite and Risk Profile report.
  7. Support: Professional Coach to assist with full implementation of the product – we do most of the heavy lifting.

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Tool)

  • ERM Implementation: This product uniquely brings critical ERM, Strategic Planning, and Capital Planning decision-making information into a single well-structured report.
  • Proven Process: Supports a “top-down” approach to ERM implementation.  Provides a step-by-step process to develop your Risk Appetite, conduct risk assessments, and develop your Risk Profile.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Positions your bank to meet increased regulator expectations and requirements surrounding risk management.
  • Research and Analysis: Utilizes fact-based data and research to support your qualitative and quantitative assessments of risks and strategic alternatives.
  • Focus: Helps create a greater understanding of your bank’s risk tolerances and how they relate to your bank’s risk profile.
  • Professional Coach: We serve as a virtual coach to support you through the implementation process.
  • Fast and Affordable: Supports rapid implementation at an attractive price.

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