CB ERM Quarterly Reports and Analysis™

The CB ERM Quarterly Reports and Analysis is a 3-part comprehensive management report designed specifically to monitor and track your banks key risk indicators and financial performance. The Trend Analyses section of the Report compares your bank against your custom peer group and your UBPR peer group, as well as other benchmark data provided by you. This allows your board and management team to quickly assess the impact of historical strategic initiatives and how your bank stacks up against the competition.

Key Features

  • Board and Management Quarterly Report: Summarizes risk appetite and risk profile information, track KRI's by each risk category, highlights top risk and integrates risk mitigation plan.
  • Risk Scorecard: Ranks your bank against your custom peer group, based upon eight (8) specific risk metrics commonly used in the industry to gauge the overall performance of community banks.
  • Variance Analysis:A "line-item" review system that highlights variances that may exist between your bank, your custom peer group, UBPR peer group and your bank's benchmarks/policy levels.
  • Trend Analysis: Charts over 100 call report line items.  Includes detailed graphs that provide 4-year and current quarter trends comparing your bank to your custom and UBPR peer groups.
  • Frequency: Produced quarterly.

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Tool)

  • Board and Management Reporting: Consistently provides analysis and actionable information to management and the Board.
  • ERM Integration: Helps align with all of your banks ERM processes and systems.
  • Clarity: Clearly illustrates how your bank is performing in key risk areas, highlighting variances and related trends/issues.
  • Consistency: Supports your ability to set up a consistent process to track and respond to important business performance areas that drive bank value.
  • Customizable: Integrates your bank's policies, standards and benchmarks.
  • Efficient & Affordable: Available through an annual subscription, that is well below the cost of your staff's time and effort to produce a comparable timely and accurate report.

 CB ERM Peer & Trend Analysis Report™
 CB ERM Risk Variance Report™
 CB ERM Board & Management Report™

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