CB ERM Solution™

The CB ERM Solution™ is a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management solution which includes all the necessary components for a bank’s management team and board to implement a forward-looking fully integrated ERM “process.” Whether you are just starting or looking to enhance your current process CB ERM Solution will support your goal on implementing an ERM process. This approach is designed around a “top-down” 5-Step Implementation Process that serves to help community banks:

  • Initiate or improve their ERM process
  • Comply with growing regulatory requirement
  • Maximize their earnings, capital and franchise Value


Key Features

  • Governance: Orientation Program ● Risk Appetite Model, Statements. Key Risk Indicators ● ERM Implementation Workbook (Guide) ● ERM Policy ● ERM Project Plan
  • Identify Risk: Risk Assessment System (RAS) clearly structured process that supports the development of the bank’s Risk Profile and Risk Assessment – Web-based Assessment, Covers 8 Risk Categories and 189 Risk Considerations (linked to OCC or FRB models) ● CB ERM Quarterly Reports and Analysis™ ● This step also integrates existing risk assessment capabilities (Stress Testing and Risk Models)
  • Measurement: Risk Prioritization and Measurement Methodology (ranks the bank’s top risks considering severity of risk, inherent risk,  and residual risk● Risk Rating Model ● Risk Action Planning Template
  • Monitoring: Board, Management, & Committee Report Templates ● Key Risk Indicators ● Quarterly Variance and Trend Reports
  • Control: Master ERM Control Document – Integrates All ERM Information Into Single Vehicle

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Process)

  • ERM Integration: This process uniquely brings all ERM components together into a single control document supporting content aggregation and key decision-making.
  • Proven Process: Provides a step-by-step process to fully implement your bank’s ERM system recognizing that each bank’s requirement may be unique based on size and complexity.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Positions your bank to meet increased regulatory expectations and requirements surrounding risk management.
  • Scalable: Once implemented this process can be expanded as you enhance your ERM capabilities.
  • Research and Analysis: Utilizes fact-based data and research to support your qualitative and quantitative assessments of risk and strategic alternatives.
  • Focus: Helps create a greater understanding of how risk impacts each operating division of the bank and provides the foundation to develop a “risk aware” culture.
  • We Do A Lot of the Heavy Lifting: We serve as a coach to support you through the entire implementation process and assist with populating and customizing your content and analysis.

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