CB "Board" Governance Self-Assessment™

Bank Boards of Directors use the CB “Board” Governance Self-Assessment™ to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and to perform at the highest level. This assessment evaluates your Board’s performance against 14 essential disciplines drawn from bank regulatory guidance and board governance best practices.

What We Assess:

  Board Quality   Is Your Board Capable?
  • Board Qualifications and Composition
  • Board Structure
  • Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Board Collaboration and Interaction
  • Individual Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities
  Board Performance   Is Your Board Competent?
  • Bank Operating Environment and Compliance
  • Competent Management
  • Board Information
  • Monitoring Business Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Planning 13. Policies
  • Serving Community Credit Needs

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Report: Includes a comprehensive report, with informative graphs, charts, line item detail and comments, along with a guide for analysis of the data.
  • Web-Based Assessment: A complete web-based “turnkey” product.  We do the work so that you can concentrate on your business.
  • Measures Key Attributes: The assessment evaluates essential board governance practices.  The scope of this evaluation includes 14 essential disciplines with over 80 board performance measurement attributes.
  • Impact Ranking: Allows members of the board to rank the importance of each discipline.
  • Board Demographics: The assessment captures comprehensive board member demographic information, including independence, tenure, industry expertise, and current occupation.
  • Anonymous: Ensures board member confidentiality and anonymity.
  • Comments: Provides an opportunity for your board members to enter comments on the overall effectiveness of the board.
  • Action Plan Template: This product includes a guide with simple, concrete steps for creating a board effectiveness improvement plan.

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Tool)

  • Actionable Information: The assessment identifies your board’s current capabilities and constraints.  The outcomes allow you to quickly target the board’s strengths and areas requiring improvement.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports the discipline and practice that regulators are requiring.
  • Promotes Best-Practice Board Governance Principles: Ensures that all board members clearly understand and effectively execute their fiduciary responsibilities.  Demonstrates the board’s commitment to continuous improvement in accordance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Convenience: This online assessment respects the busy schedules of your board members.
  • Focus: We provide clear, understandable, and real-time information regarding how your board members perceive their current performance against best practices.

Optional Advisory Services

  • Customized Board Presentation: We will create a custom presentation for your board, including analysis and recommendations.
  • Facilitator: Work directly with the bank’s senior managers and the board members to develop a board governance effectiveness program with a clear action plan.

Value Added Related Services

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