CB Strategic Plan™

The purpose of the CB Strategic Plan™ is a customised plan to engage management and the Board in developing a plan that clearly defines a course of action that will maximize the bank’s earnings, capital and franchise value. Our proven planning process ensures that your bank is effectively evaluating meaningful strategic alternatives and producing a plan that is targeted and executable.

Key Features

  • The Strategic Plan: Integrates your external and internal situational analysis, your bank’s risk profile, multiple strategic alternatives, mission, vision, value creation model, action plan (goals, objectives & milestones) and a performance dashboard reflecting key performance metrics.  The plan document is typically between 60 to 85 pages.
  • Valuation and Growth Model: Utilizing our proprietary model; we will conduct real time “what if” scenario planning for growth, ROAA, ROAE, leverage ratio, book value, and market value equity.
  • Research and Analysis: We provide extensive research and analysis that will be utilized during the planning session(s) and integrated into the strategic plan.  The package includes economic trends, industry trends, capital market trends, regulatory trends, your bank’s performance trends, peer and competitive analysis, target market analysis and more.
  • Facilitated Planning Process: CB Resource strategic planning process is a proven, best practice approach to developing a targeted and executable strategic plan.  Led by a strategic planning expert, you will experience a process that includes comprehensive analysis, strategic alternatives assessment, and the development of specific actions that drive value and supports your overall mission and vision.

Key Benefits (Why Banks Use This Process)

  • The Plan: Comprehensive, professional and executable.
  • Proven Process: Provides a step-by-step process that ensures nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Positions your bank to meet increased regulatory expectations and requirements surrounding planning and risk management.
  • Research and Analysis: Utilizes fact-based data and research to support your qualitative and quantitative assessments of risk and strategic alternatives.
  • We Do A Lot of the Heavy Lifting: We coordinate, compile and produce the key deliverables.
  • Focus: Spend your time developing your strategy, not assembling the content
  • Board Engagement: An interactive process that provides BOD education, alignment, and leads to support and buy-in.

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