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ERM Implementation – Synchronizing Your Performance and Risk Management Priorities

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About this Webinar

Are you initiating an ERM program or seeking to take your current program to the next level? Implementing an effective Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) process has become one of the most significant challenges facing community banks today.

Some of the main hurdles include: Integrating quantitative analysis tied to performance, engaging the Board, process effectiveness and efficiencies, and synchronizing performance and risk management priorities.

Our webinar is designed to lay out a proven “Top Down” approach to ERM implementation and integration within your bank.

Webinar will include:

  • ERM Model: A review of an ERM Model/Process that will provide the road map and framework to successfully implement an ERM process – consistent with the latest COSO ERM guidance (2017).
  • 5 Phase Approach: A brief walkthrough of five clearly defined steps for proper implementation. Discussion includes: Developing your Risk Appetite, conducting a comprehensive ERA (Enterprise Risk Assessment), prioritizing your “Top Risks” and developing a robust tracking and report system to support making risk-based decisions.
  • Project Plan: A project plan that summarizes each step in the process over a pre-determined period of time.
  • Tools Review: Within each phase of implementation we will discuss tools and methodologies to support your process.
  • ERM Ongoing Tracking and Reporting: We will provide sample reports and tolls to support your ERM process.

Webinar Details


Wednesday / April 04, 2018


10:00 AM PST


30-45 Minutes


No Charge


Jeffrey A. Rigsby, President & CEO of CB resource, Inc.

Who Should Attend

Community bank directors and senior executives (CEO, President, CFO, COO, CCO, CRO, Compliance Officer).

Or call us at: 877.367.8236 or 949.502.6860