Webinar: How Does Basel III Impact Your Bank? – Receive A Customized Capital Impact Report

Have you assessed the likely impact of Basel III on your bank should the rules be adopted?  Have you modeled the specific financial impact on your capital?

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The impact of these proposed rules on a typical community bank will be significant, including:

  • Generally higher capital requirements.
  • Reduced ability to leverage capital thereby reducing shareholder rates of return.
  • Capital levels more directly tied to relative credit risk exposure.
  • Increased volatility of regulatory capital relating to changes in interest rates and deteriorating asset quality.
  • Limits on dividends and discretionary executive bonus payouts if capital is not adequately conserved.
  • Increased administrative burden and costs.
  • Additional pressure on community banks to consolidate as a result of all the above.

Two of the NPR’s (Notices of Proposed Rulemaking) have broad applicability to all U.S. financial institutions regardless of size, with the exception of small bank holding companies (assets of less than $500 million).  Those two NPR’s are:

  • The “Basel III” NPR – Would generally revise regulatory capital definitions and minimums and introduce a new regulatory capital component called Common Equity Tier 1 and a new concept called a Capital Conservation Buffer.
  • The “Standardized Approach” NPR – would revise certain methodologies relating to risk-weighting of assets and the risk-based capital rules.

The Impact of Proposed Basel III Capital Rules on Your Community Bank, presented via a 90 minute Webinar, is not only designed to provide critical insights on Basel III impact, but also to provide you with a customized report that reflects the specific impact of the rules on your capital.

Webinar Highlights
  • Customized Report: on Basel III impact on your bank’s capital ratios based on current financials:
    • Impact determined at two critical points; when risk-weighting changes become effective and when all changes are fully phased-in.
    • Volatility analysis performed which will include stress testing of fully phased-in “baseline” capital ratios at +100, +200 and +300 basis point increases in interest rates and also for increases in 90+ delinquent and nonaccrual loans.
    • Includes impact of lease accounting proposal which will require capitalization of most operating leases.
    • View the full sample report here
  • Executive Summary: of the key provisions that impacting community banks.
  • Impact and Observations: provided to help bankers gain understanding beyond just the basic rule changes.
  • Case Studies and Live Examples: included to provide further insight into how the proposed rules will work and which rule changes have the most impact.
  • Volatility Buffer: caused primarily by inclusion of AFS unrealized gains and losses in regulatory capital will be explored along with the potential for a pending accounting rule change to limit remedies that would otherwise be available.
  • Q&A: respond to questions that have the greatest impact on your bank.
Price $300
Who should attend? Community bank senior executives (CEO, President, CFO, COO, CCO, CRO) and directors  or those  who are involved with capital analysis and reporting
Speakers Presenting on this topic is Kent Fisher, partner at the firm of Vavrinek, Trine Day and Co. LLP, Laguna Hills CA.  Kent serves as audit partner for financial institutions ranging in size from $50 million to $1 billion.  Kent speaks and writes frequently on this topic, including several articles for CB Journal. 

Also presenting is Bob Adkins, CFO of CB Resource, Inc.  Bob is a CPA and currently oversees the financial and regulatory services of CBR, prior to joining CBR Bob held positions as both President and CEO and Chief Financial Officers in the community bank industry for over 30 years.

Moderator Jeff Rigsby, President & CEO of CB Resource, Inc.  Prior to forming CBR, Jeff held senior executive positions in several public banking institutions.


Sorry you missed our last webinar, check back for new dates and times coming soon!