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Managing Risk in 2020 and Beyond: Implementing a Forward Looking ERM Program

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About this Webinar

For many banks, the year 2020 represents a time that will usher in increased competition, continued economic uncertainty, downward pressure on spread, and the potential for weakening asset quality. Maintaining current income levels will be a significant accomplishment for a substantial portion of the industry. However, 2020 can also represent a time of great opportunity for others. Whichever scenario you may be confronting, adopting a “top down” performance-driven ERM solution can be a critical component to building sustainable value.

With that said, implementing an effective Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) process is no small task.

Our webinar is designed to lay out a proven “Top Down” approach to ERM implementation and integration within your bank. Additionally, we will address aligning ERM with your strategic priorities.

Webinar will include:

  • ERM Model: A review of an ERM Model that will provide the road map and framework to successfully implement an ERM process and system.
  • 5 Phase Approach: A brief walk through of 5 clearly defined steps for proper implementation. Discussion includes: Developing your Risk Appetite, Review of a Risk Assessment System (“RAS”), Prioritizing your “Top Risks” and developing a reporting and controls process.
  • Project Plan: A project plan that summarizes each step in the process over a pre-determined period of time.
  • Tools Review: Within each phase of implementation we will discuss tools and methodologies to support your process.
  • ERM Assessment Grid: A summary of key data (qualitative and quantitative) requirements by risk category.

Webinar Details




10:00 AM PST


45 Minutes


No Charge


Jeffrey A. Rigsby, President & CEO of CB resource, Inc.

Who Should Attend

Community bank directors and senior executives (CEO, President, CFO, COO, CCO, CRO, Compliance Officer).

Or call us at: 877.367.8236 or 949.502.6860