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Qualified Capital Plan: A Fed-Member and OCC Bank Model

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About this Webinar

If you are a Fed-Member or OCC chartered bank, developing and producing an annual capital plan is no small task.

Both agencies have defined their non-negotiable guidelines or rules (i.e. OCC Bulletin 2018-20 which is the latest update from original guidance in Bulletin 2012-16), though upon review, they may also expand the scope or their expectations.  These guidelines typically include three year capital impact analysis, risk profile, strategic plan alignment, stress testing, contingency plan and key risk triggers (which tie-back to the contingency plan).

Our webinar is designed to provide an overview of the primary required components of a qualified capital plan and a framework/process that brings the plan together.

Webinar will include:

  • Integrated Plan Framework: In essence a table of contents that lays out the critical components in a logical and well-designed format.
  • Risk Profile: Focuses on which key risk areas to include and how to present your findings
  • Capital Stress Testing Alternatives: Presents stress testing scenarios and how to link risk profile to capital adequacy.
  • Contingency Plan: Illustrates how to articulate management and board response to Key Risk Triggering events.
  • Key Risk Triggers: a framework to quantify risk triggers aligned with key risk categories and a scorecard process which supports the Contingency Plan.
  • A Process: We will walkthrough a clearly defined process that will result in a qualified capital plan.

Webinar Details




11:00 AM PST


30 Minutes


No Charge


Jeffrey A. Rigsby, President & CEO of CB resource, Inc.

Who Should Attend

Community bank directors and senior executives (CEO, President, CFO, COO, CCO, CRO, Compliance Officer).

Or call us at: 877.367.8236 or 949.502.6860