Model Risk and Governance Solution

Our Model Risk and Governance Solution addresses the growing demands associated with model risk validation and management. Community banks turn to us when assessing and validating the quality of the models they use to make risk-based decisions. Our solution leaves nothing to chance.


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Our Model Risk and Governance Solution

Banks use quantitative and qualitative analysis within the models in making certain financial decisions and risk assessments, such as but not limited to: Valuing exposures, instruments, and investment positions; Identifying and measuring risk; and Determining capital and reserve adequacy including stress testing.

The Model Risk and Governance Solution consists of a model risk policy, objectives, purpose and scope, and risk mitigation.  The framework includes a model attestation, validation, ongoing monitoring and verification process.  This product  contains a sample model inventory schedule along with a model implementation form to assess the level of risk for each model.  This solution provides a comprehensive risk management guidance for banks that utilize models to help measure, monitor and control risk.

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