Who We Are

At CB Resource, we are committed to serving community banks and their industry. We demonstrate our commitment by providing actionable intelligence which supports better performance and risk based decisions. Our team supports our clients with hands on service, subject matter expertise, all efficiently delivered through our fully-integrated platform.


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At a Glance

Founded in 2011
Corporate headquarters in Irvine, Ca.
Serving our community bank clients in over 40 states.

In Depth

Jeff Rigsby
President & CEO
Long Huynh
Executive Vice President & COO
Robert Finch
Director of Sales & Marketing
John Salgat
Director of Risk Analysis
Robert (Bob) Jones
Executive Director of CDFI Performance Group
Frank Castellon
Market & Industry Analyst

Why Us

We are the only firm serving community banks that seamlessly integrates ERM, Strategic and Capital Plans. Our integrated solutions, subject matter expertise, availability to clients, and our superior Board and Management reports drive our competitive edge.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be community bankers first resource in providing easily accessible “decision-ready” information, industry insights, performance planning and risk management solutions; always accurate, always timely, and always valued by our clients.

Our vision is to be the leader in making an indispensable contribution to community banks value creation and independence.

How can we help you?